Admission Policy & Procedure

Admission  Criteria

Admissions at nationwide Savvy Schools subject to the following conditions.

Registration  Criteria

To admit a child, parents should first register him/her for an admission test. Parents must fill and submit the registration form provided by the school and taking an appointment card/slip for the test and interview. However registration does not in any way confirm or guarantee admission. It is subject to getting through an admission test/ interview and availability of the seat.

Assessment / Admission  Test

Play-Group – Kindergarten  Criteria

An informal individual assessment test is taken combined with an interview with both of the parents. Generally, the reading level of a child, the vocabulary and concepts of colors and numbers are assessed. In addition, the confidence of the child, speaking and motor skills are taken into consideration.

Class 1 – Class 5

Applicants seeking admission for class 1 to class 5 are tested in three subjects – English, Urdu and Mathematics.

Class 6 – Class 10

Applicants seeking admission for class 6 to class 10 are tested in four subjects English, Urdu and Mathematics and Science.

Instructions for  Assessment

In all cases, merit is the sole criterion for admission. The decision of the school cannot be challenged in any way and will be final.

Pre  School

Playgroup, Nursery

Interview + Motor Skills + Restroom Training


Written Test + Interview

Primary  School

Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV, Class V

English, Urdu & Mathematics

Elementary & Secondary

Class VI, Class VII, Class VIII, Class IX, Class X

English, Urdu, Mathematics & Science

Age Criteria

Pre School

2.5 – 5 years

Junior School

5 – 8 years

Senior School

8 – 15 years